Sunday, January 09, 2005

Too much work for a Sunday!

I seem to spend all my Sundays the same way lately. I work. This is in need of changing. I have an ebay business which requires alot of time. All my Sundays seem to be taken up with it. I think I need to look hard at this. Although I like what I do, I almost have a driven feeling. Instead of just working for a while and then going to do something else for the rest of the day, I can't seem to make myself stop and put things away. I keep saying just a couple more and then I'll stop, but I don't. I do a couple more and then a couple more. Before I know it the day has gone by and that's all I have done. I start my work week the next day and feel as though I never had a day off. I think I need to sit back and evaluate this situation. I know that I inherited from my father a need to make money from anything I can do. He always had some little business on the side. Any talents that I might have, or any ideas that I might have, all turn to thoughts of how can I market this. It's like a curse. So that even though I work a regular job I always have a few little businesses going on the side. I am losing time for me. But, if I enjoy doing this is it time for me? Or is it an obsession?

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